For the fifth time, Vrije Hogeschool offers Malala Scholarships for the Liberal Arts Gap Year program (start: september 2021) to young adults with a refugee background.

Who can apply?
You can apply for the Scholarship if you meet the following requirements:

– You are a young adult (between 17 and 27 years of age) with a refugee background.

– You finished secondary school (comparable to HAVO/VWO or MBO level) in the Netherlands or another country. Or you were a student at an institute for higher education (University, Hogeschool) in the Netherlands or another country. 

– You have the right to stay in the Netherlands until the end of June 2022. 

– You intend to start or continue studying at an institute for higher education after the Gap Year.

– You have knowledge of the Dutch language (min. level B1) and a good understanding of the English language (speaking and writing). 

– The Scholarship covers the costs of the Liberal Arts Gap Year program and does not include costs for housing and living. Vrije Hogeschool has a network for affordable rooms and part-time jobs in the area. 

– You are able to commit to the Liberal Arts Gap Year program starting in september 2021 and finishing at the end of June 2022. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday you will follow a program at Vrije Hogeschool in Zeist. Wednesdays are off for self-study and a part-time job. 

Apply now
To apply for the Liberal Arts Gap Year starting in September 2021, please send us your CV, motivation and short description of how you meet the requirements. 

About the Liberal Arts Gap Year
Since almost 50 years, Vrije Hogeschool offers a Liberal Arts Gap Year for young people with contemporary questions aimed at developing responsible and authentic leadership.

The Liberal Arts Gap Year of the Vrije Hogeschool is intended for students who are looking for depth and inspiration in their studies. So is the program unique because it intertwines art, science and personal development. The individuality of man, in all its aspects, has a central place. The four pillars of the year are: philosophy, art, existential biography, and the individual core curriculum. The domains together lead to an inspired (work)life.

Personal questions like: Who am I? What can I do and what do I want to be in the future? are central to the program. During this Gap Year courses are offered within the framework of Liberal Arts; the scientifically oriented courses include philosophy, cultural anthropology, gender, and sustainability. Art courses include music, painting, performance art, and dance. By working with art, you increase the space of your creativity.

Furthermore, the Gap Year offers a weekly choir, two hours of life coaching (both individual and as a group), coaching towards your choice of study, a NT2 course at level B2 and you’ll be part of a commission to develop your entrepreneurial skills working towards the Dwarslopers Festival. And as no Gap Year is complete without traveling, the year ends with a trip to Middle Europe; by bike, on foot or by using public transport. During this trip you’ll to connect art and philosophy. 

The Vrije Hogeschool is well known to various higher education institutions, which are interested in our students because of the skills they learn at our institution. 

The Liberal Arts Gap Year is general forming and does not offer an official diploma. To be able to continue education at a college or university, you have to meet the requirements of the desired college or university. 

Malala Gap Year alumni 

So far Vrije Hogeschool has welcomed Gap Year students from Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. Especially valuable to them was the intensive contact with Dutch students and Dutch-speaking education, so that they are immersed in Dutch culture, make friends for life and learn to speak the Dutch language well. We are happy to put you in touch with former Liberal Arts Gap Year students so they can tell you about their experiences first hand. Click here to read the interview with Malala Scholarship Gap Year student Maya

Malala Scholarship students Nawras and Rafea tell you about their Liberal Arts Gap Year experiences.

Labour market relevance 
During the Liberal Arts Gap Year, future professionals engage in existential questions. They widen their horizons, reflect on life questions and learn to create a free space. The Liberal Arts Gap Year gives a broad, epistemological and artistic foundation from which you learn to deepen and broaden your view. The Liberal Arts Gap Year gives you the opportunity to take a next step in your life and to innovate and empower insights and ideals. In doing so, you’ll connect an ethical awareness of your future profession and personal responsibility for the whole.  

Relation to further education 
During the Liberal Arts Gap Year personal development is the basis for professional development later on. These two types of development are not separate from each other, but they are two different things. In your professional development, you will learn for a profession. You get certain subjects and will do internships. During the Liberal Arts Gap Year, you learn to become a critical and autonomous thinker, who participates in the debate about the development of his citizenship and later profession. You’ll be able to translate your vision of man into any field of expertise and to express it in social contexts. Through a broad deepening in humanities, you’ll learn to give substance to what it means to be a unique and free person. 

Would you like to find out more about the Liberal Arts Gap Year? Please send us a message or make an appointment. You are also very welcome to meet us at one of our events.

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